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Eye-catcher At The Wine Rack

by Brianna - March 19th, 2014.
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The label overwhelmed the business card of a good wine if many clients are well-stocked retailers or the supermarket around the corner at the wine rack. In the jungle of the cultivation areas, grape varieties and vintages, the label often enough decide which wine finally moves to the basket. An attractive and informative equipment for its wines is paramount for each wine. Only the label gives the wine its personality and makes it unique for the target group. Gone are the days where a wine label had to transport especially the legal vorgeschrieBenen information.

Susanne Daiber, Managing Director of Etiket Schiller, a leading supplier of labels for the beverage industry: today, creative solutions are required which comprehensively inform the buyer, but especially Verkaufsfordernd stage of the product. That’s why our performance goes far beyond the pure printing of the labels. From the idea to the graphic design to delivery directly to our customers get exactly the support that they need to equip their wines perfectly. labeling machine” The family-owned company from the Swabian London cares now 75 years to the large presence of high-quality wines, sparkling wines and spirits. This relationship is not about finally the Wurttemberg wines thrive right next door. An exceptional wine needs an equipment, which at first glance right indicates that the content is something special. The emphasis on individual elements blind embossing, hot stamping, spot painting has always been popular.

Optional high-gloss or transparent surfaces can be realized. Rough structured materials and high-quality relief embossing provide a special feel. Also unusual forms and modern interpretations of the classic rectangle are on the rise. The traditional wet-bonding technique is more and more replaced by selbstklebende labels. In addition to the attractive design possibilities This mainly practical reasons: self adhesive labels are in a single operation and adhere better. They have a very long service life even in damp cellars. Susanne Daiber has also the costs for their customers in mind. Etiket Schiller allows, for example, to print Blanketten in a high circulation, then later provided the necessary Edition of part of with the specific details including grape, location, vintage, wine bar code. Winemakers such as Jurgen Ellwanger, Jorg Geiger and the Herzog von Wurttemberg known Wurttemberg Court (Rheinhessen) or Gunter Born (Saale-Unstrut) trust as well on the quality of the labels of London such as the Schlosskellerei Affaltrach and the wineries of Beck Hedesheimer. For more information: Etiket Schiller GmbH Hay Lake 14 73655 London phone: 07181/8076-0 telefax: 07181 / 8076-50 E-Mail: and press contact: b, slaughterhouse str. 23-25 communication worth 70188 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 699 887-55 fax: 0711 / 699 887-56 E-Mail:

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