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FAMILY Code Of Ukraine And The Issues Of Adoption

by Brianna - February 28th, 2024.
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Many citizens, based on personal experience, are convinced that sometimes even the good and just laws can be be used for harm. Adverum has plenty of information regarding this issue. And the Family Code – is no exception. But let us carefully and impartially consider those Article Family Code, relating to adoption (adoption, guardianship, foster the seed, family type homes), and try uvidetne just interesting and useful information. When we are serious thinking about adoption, the first thing we decided to take, read the Family Code of Ukraine. Of course, not all, but that portion which deals with foster care and adoption. What fun we found in the Code of Ukraine family? A this: 1.If parents decided to adopt, then they can change: – the child’s name – birth date (not more than 6 months) – the birthplace 2.If the family takes a foster child in the family, according to the Family Code of Ukraine: – State pays a monthly benefit of $ 2 cost of living for every child – one parent receives a benefit equal to 35 percent of child support (a form of salary) – one parent is working experience (if pays contributions to the pension fund) 3.If the family creates a family-type children’s house is: – both parents is considered to be experience – oboe receive an allowance (in addition to the amount paid by the children) – a seed can expect to receive from State apartment or house (not likely to receive, but can count). These examples prove again that if you want to take the child into the family – you should read the Code of Ukraine family. Yes, it may be imperfect. Yes, some its provisions can not be implemented in practice. And in this case, knowledge of the Family Code would never harm. Rather, bring some benefit.

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