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Fannie Mae Package

by Brianna - April 22nd, 2016.
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Mortgage refinance seems to be the only alternative to bail one out of bankruptcy and rescue one s house from foreclosure. The mortgage refinance program restructures the mortgage loan. Take advantage of President Obama’s stimulus package the recession and consequent unemployment has made many US citizens closer to foreclosure. The market value of the properties and homes has been declining resulting in uncertain income level of average individuals. People jobless from factories and organizations find more and more. President Barack Obama realized the current scenario and proposed a stimulus package in which those facing foreclosure are given freedom to select a loan modification programmed to recover from the current crisis. The loan modification package can be availed by the borrowers through their lenders after clearing the necessary documents and papers requested. To be eligible for this stimulus package, one must have on existing or modified loan owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Further the home equity should be below 20%. In this package the qualified applicants are given loans, grants and tax credits to solve the mortgage crisis. These help them to lower the monthly payments towards the mortgage loan. By this, transferring a major income towards mortgage expenditure is avoided. Broadly speaking, the home owners receive the following direct benefit from this stimulus package.

The payment can be restricted up to 31% of the monthly income of the burrower. Interest Council can be decreased to 5.16% from 6.5% those who are on variable mortgage rate are given freedom to select a lower fixed rate. Through a loan modification, the present repayment schedule may be extended by 20-30 years. The President Barack Obama’s measure is to get the American economy back to the former state by allowing the citizens more and concessions through various packages and programs. Compare mortgage refinance of Council today!… Article resource: articlesbase.

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