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Francisco Arias Solis

by Brianna - November 8th, 2022.
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Love to use perhaps the most agile and fun is a delicious comedy, which, in its kind, has produced our theatre. Your reading is a great surprise, because the self-assurance of the situations and the intention and grace of the concepts outlined there about love are more modern, and we have no doubt that their representation would delight an audience of our days. His most durable fame is linked to the history of the conquest of Mexico, population and progress of the North America known by the name of new Spain, whose first edition appeared in Madrid in 1684, and that he composed in compliance with their duties as a chronicler of the Indies. Solis is of considerable length; his story is logically, focused around the figure of the Conqueror Hernan cuts but is also very much in detail all the other captains Alvarado, Cristobal de Olid, Gonzalo de Sandoval, Diego de Ordaz-, of the famous Marina and Aztec chiefs; regarding the process of penetration in the country, and grants also great space to the customs of the natives, rites, ceremonies, beliefs, rooms, meals, games, dresses, that’s not on in special sections, but ingesting their descriptions between the facts of conquests, is offered according to occasion; with this he achieves in his book a pleasant variety that counts among its greatest excellence. Solis is a notable artist, and with its history long and rich series of the chroniclers of the new world closes brilliantly. Continue to learn more with: jim kingery.

His prose is a model of style, which cannot be said to properly represent the moment that occurs, because the epigoni of the Baroque despenaban already literature, toward the most absurd excesses. His art of Narrator evades fads and capricious shapes to keep a faithful of the most genuine classicism, if by this we understand the fortunate Alliance of beauty and sobriety. Is very well understood that tastes change will not affect you in the following seasons and that his book has been enjoyed in all time-General estimated: and as our poet said: could extinguish the breath, / but not usurp you voice / in the fast way / bronze has repeated it, / and found in bronze ear, / when to the winds trusts it, / I do not know that sweet harmony / that lasts longer than the sound. Francisco Arias Solis peace and freedom. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

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