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Highquality Polyurethane Range

by Brianna - May 5th, 2014.
Filed under: News. Tagged as: , . the online store for the craftsmen of online stores are there many, but the operators of something is managed. A user-friendly interface combined with a clear offer with simple order processing. Without great knowledge of the Internet can easily find and use the individual product pages. “To emphasize is that you as a guest” can order without prior registration. The product range consists of high quality PUR foam, which find application in various areas.

Mounting of Windows and doors, insulation of roof and wall connections and for waterproofing pipe penetrations or roller shutter boxes suitable for the filling of cavities, PU foam. For the installation of fireproof doors or electric installations, it is essential that the PU foam on the fire class B1 is equivalent to. This is the case with the flame-retardant Alfa B1 gun foam. A specific EIFS adhesive foam (fire class B1), also becomes the bonding of facade insulation boards with a thermal insulation value of 0.029 W/(MK), offered. While 1 K (one component) construction foam is moisture-curing, there are also faster curing 2 K foams, which are referred to as well as frame foam/sanitary foam.

Used specifically for the quick and safe installation of door frames or the onset of shower and bath. The testing logos of the society for materials research and testing Institute for construction Leipzig mbH (MPFA) and that the materials testing Institute for construction of Hanover (MPA building) are a guarantee for a constant high product quality. With the convenient online shop Bauschaum24, product selection is made easy for processors. Eliminates lengthy ruminations and comparisons and ordering is fast becoming the sense of achievement. The goods are delivered days directly to the processor within 2-3 75,-value even carriage paid.

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