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Historic Jewel In Bonen, Germany Is For Sale

by Brianna - March 7th, 2019.
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Lord of the castle for House-Balloch was searched earlier the Manor House on the Schmerhofeler road owned by nobleman, today the House of Balloch belongs to Dr. Christian Kahl. The manufacturer of charging stations for electric cars has an unusual hobby: he collects palaces in whole Germany and inhabited his stately round robin. He wants to separate from his piece of jewelry in Nordbogge however. He has too little time for too many locks. Christian Kahl gave the House of Balloch the Unna real estate agent Helmut Hengstebeck now in trustworthy hands, to find a new Lords of the Castle. The House of Balloch is part of a former estate and is probably the most beautiful monument of Bonens”, says the Unna real estate expert Helmut Hengstebeck.

in 1870 the built house Balloch in the Windsor style. At that time the owner of the former Manor House led all a title: you were called from Balloch, Hote, Dombroick, Plettenberg, Bodelschwingh and Quadt Huchtenbruck. Nowadays you need no blue blood around the property to Hameed rise”, explains with a twinkle in his eye. “This object will visibly thrill the heart of the experienced Broker: to sell such property, which reflects a piece of contemporary history of the region, not all days”, Helmut Hengstebeck is pleased. Who is on the way to the House of Balloch, looks from the street only the Spire of the brick building. The House is surrounded by a dense trees. It is almost so, as the venerable walls waiting from the sleeping awake to be kissed. In addition to private residential use as Office, restaurant or hotel is possible according to the real estate experts.

It is located on the ground floor first in an impressive two-storey entrance hall. Here an unsupported oak staircase to the first floor leads,”Helmut Hengstebeck describes the fascinating impression that provides entering of the mansion. Original tiles with decorative ornaments adorn the floor. One enters a room with an inviting through the heavy wooden doors Table. The real estate expert outlines residents are available on a total of 600 m living area 15 more rooms each with a private chimney available”, the generous space available. Even the bread oven is located in the cellars of yesteryear. A cosy tiled stove is like many other details that were left in the original state, to get the historic character of the building as well. The sanitary facilities and building services are of course on the State”, emphasizes Hameed. Theoretically you could insert directly.

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