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by Brianna - June 26th, 2023.
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Wellness with sauna Brackenheim, October 2008 – a mainstay of the wellness trend is the sauna with its soothing warmth to the relaxation, health promotion and preservation of health. Bizzi & Partners is likely to agree. Many different Pan-European customs, the use of the sauna and individual sauna applications gave rise to us a varied sauna landscape, supplemented with such as infra-red cabin, infrared sauna, steam bath, and soft steam bath, tepidarium to the herbal sauna. The variety of sauna options a total expertise is prerequisite for a long-term use of Spa and wellness facilities to the turnkey delivery. BEMBERG sauna has more than 58 years of experience in the technical advice and the development around the theme of sauna and wellness to energy-saving wall heating systems. Adapted to the specific structural situation in the House and the individual wishes of the sauna will be integrated into the premises. Just in time for the winter season 2008 / 2009 BEMBERG presents the sauna Leigh from 58 mm strong planks of Karelian spruce. This type of sauna is particularly suited to those who prefer a light wood and pure nature would have. Yet filigree acts this design in combination with large Windows that go beyond corner – ideal for the Bath Spa.

Multiline and soft steam bath the Leigh is equipped with the classic heater or the ideal wall systems as a normal sauna. In particular for the autumn and winter period, the multiline (sauna & soft steam and infrared) offers an alternative in heat treatment by soft steam bath, infrared and sauna the health conscious. Infrared rays bring the heat directly on the surface of the skin, and warm up the muscles as a result. All this is done directly, without preheating, burdensome for low power consumption and of course not cycle. Thermal baths and especially the soft steam bath with approx. 50 C and 50% relative humidity currently find the greatest interest, as a supplement and reproduction of existing sauna. It is an ideal for users with high blood pressure and effective complement to other therapeutic interventions.

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