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Housing Reform

by Brianna - May 31st, 2011.
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This means that for the heating we have to pay almost a half times more than all the rest. The only way out – overhaul of the house with insulation and installation of thermal automatics and subsequent transition to the calculations of the energy meter readings. Collect the money to us for a long time without success. Therefore, immediately after the start of the Federal program overhaul, we decided to take part in it. At the moment we already received from the "Foundation for Housing Reform," 3 million rubles, which went to the installation of automated heat points Danfoss houses and heat meter. Enough as the cleansing of the cells of the central heating, replacement of pipes of cold water, drain and repair wiring hvs in the basement, clean it. In addition, we were able to completely replace the switchboard equipment and supply new dvuhtarifnye common parts. Now we have applied to the fund re-apply, because there is still plenty of work: to warm facade, replace roof, install new elevators.

Of course, we can not say that the program overhaul everywhere is equally smooth. There are certain difficulties. From time to time in the media there are reports of unscrupulous contractors who received money, "forget" about its commitments or work performed not in full. However, a lot here depends on the position and activity of residents themselves. Because the law 185-FZ anticipated that they will monitor the progress of repairs in their homes, as most interested in the results side.

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