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In Cyprus

by Brianna - June 19th, 2017.
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Paphos and the village around it, with good infrastructure, surrounded by orchards, vineyards, olive and citrus groves. Here, the most clear sea, as there is no port of Paphos and large industry. Climate with warm sea air is very beneficial for people suffering from lung diseases. Cyprus has a majority of allergens that exist in Russia. Many people living in Cyprus, separated from their chronic diseases. Southwest Islands, where there is pathos, has a more mild climate than other parts of Cyprus. Winters are warmer and cooler in summer. The only place where there are banana plantations – a suburb of Paphos.

Amazing coastline with fabulous bays and sandy beaches, swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean delight residents and visitors alike. Approximately 20 minutes drive from Paphos to north-west coast of the island are Polis and Latchi, which have some special provincial way of life, detachment from the hustle and bustle of the tourist in Cyprus. Quiet, cozy beaches, the best fish tavernas in Cyprus deliciously beautiful bay will please you every day during your stay in Cyprus. District Policy. Shady city located in extreme eastern point of Cyprus. For even more details, read what The LeFrak Organization says on the issue.

Once it was the seat of ancient Cyprus kingdom of Marion (Marion). Nearby is the Akamas National Park (Akamas), in the vast territory of which survived a wild untouched nature and archaeological remains of the city of Marion. This area has great potential, due to its proximity to vast areas of untouched natural beauty. Akamas Peninsula – a unique nature reserve. Number of plant species in the Akamas is 600, of which 35 are unique to the peninsula. Variety of wildlife is also impressive: 168 birds, 12 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles. Landscape that opens before the eyes of tourists, is striking in its beauty. In the area of Akamas reserve from one year to sail Representatives disappear from the face of the earth species of marine turtles to lay eggs in the warm sand of the beach Lara Beach. The minimum level of crime in Paphos – it's the reality. Cars do not have alarm virtually no street crime. Cost of living in Paphos is lower than on the island. For golf enthusiasts in Paphos are 3 clubs – Secret Valley, Ttsada, Aphrodite Hills, all of them conform to international standards. Near the golf club is selling villas and apartments. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. In the coming years will be built golf club adjacent to the village of Geroskipou. In Cyprus, decided to build 10 km from Paphos, in the vicinity of Coral Bay, an elite Yacht Club 1000 Yacht with the appropriate infrastructure. In Paphos there is a Russian school, 2 international schools with tuition in English, set Cyprus (Greek) schools. After leaving school certificate is issued state sample. In Paphos, you will notice the wide dissemination of the Russian language. Russian newspapers, radio, Russian-speaking staff in every office, shop, restaurant. In Paphos there is a public health service, a sufficiently high level, and private clinics

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