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by Brianna - March 3rd, 2012.
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If you are interested in this topic – you are likely to become the owner of a new apartment or want to change my life and decided to start with the design of its interior. Design – is a conscious design, knowledge-based materials, tools and technologies, with the addition of creativity and intuition. This article will help you understand the more detailed design process, and for the convenience of interior design is divided into five parts. Part One The layout of interior first step is to compile a list of things that we need for a comfortable stay. This list should include furniture, audio and video equipment, plumbing equipment, household electrical appliances (Dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.) here is to add air conditioning or forced ventilation, if this is necessary. This is followed by development planning decision with accommodation items from the established list.

Typically, the apartment has its own characteristics, including the design, which give us a hint for the correct planning decision. It also should take into account the convenience moving around the apartment and, more importantly, do not stand in the way natural light, which must penetrate unhindered into the furthest corners of the apartment. Once we have developed a plan of our apartments arrangement of furniture and equipment, you can go to the next part of interior design, namely, the artificial lighting. Part Two Artificial lighting is best in one room to host multiple sources light, it gives us an opportunity for a few seconds to change the general atmosphere of the room – from bright and festive, to quiet and intimate.

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