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Investment Forum Provides Fraunhofer Technologies

by Brianna - November 6th, 2023.
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The Fraunhofer-venture group offers investors, business angels and venture capital companies the chance to finance spin-offs of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. At the investment forum on 27 November three young companies imagine in the Fraunhofer-House. Main topic of this year’s Forum is the area automotive. In addition to building bridges between investors and young companies has the Fraunhofer investment forum aims to inform about the latest research trends. This year, the Forum is under the motto automotive. The vehicles of the future must consume little gasoline, light and environmentally friendly design.

Fraunhofer experts imagine how is this achieved. One way is the use of Adaptronics. Adaptive materials can be actively dampen such vibrations in the car. Talk about opportunities and markets of the Adaptronics Professor Holger Hanselka, head of the Fraunhofer Institute for durability LBF. What capabilities does the hybrid drive and how he realized, in reported Dr. Martin Marz, Director of the Center for automotive power electronics and Mechatronics – ZKLM, a branch of the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated systems and building technology IISB.

Technology issues following three spin-offs introduce themselves to investors. The investment forum will help the young entrepreneurs to find a suitable financing partners. The Fraunhofer-venture group intensively accompanied this step and helps the startups find the right investor. Now, also in Germany, we have a veritable Finanzierungsdschungel: banks, individuals, Technology Fund, and a large number of business angels are only some aspects thereof. Without instructions have young entrepreneurs, especially when they come from the technological and not from the commercial sector, some orientation problems,”explains Matthias Keckl, commercial officer at the Fraunhofer-venture group. On 27 November, following three Fraunhofer spin-offs introduce themselves: the ISYS GmbH develops and vemarket structure-integrated active interfaces for vibration reduction. The Fludicon GmbH is working on shock absorbers based on electro-rheological fluids, which open up new solution potentials for valve functions, vibration dampers and actuators in conjunction with digital electronics and nonlinear systems in mechanical engineering. Hear other arguments on the topic with Morris Invest. CreSolv offers new solutions for the disposal of electronic waste and shows how even heavily-polluted and contaminated plastics from electronics materials can be recycled. In the aftermath of the event, the participants at a small strengthening of research trends and financing can replace with the speakers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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