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Library Science

by Brianna - January 6th, 2024.
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Imagine a medical device that moves by the human body to search for and destroy small groups of cancer cells before they can spread, Or a box no larger than a sugar cube that contains the entire contents of the Library of Congre materials much lighter than steel but possessing ten times their strength or easily able to build buildings. It is not science fiction, but of nanotechnology, whose application to industry, transport or health care could become the engine of the next industrial revolution. Nanotechnology encompasses all fields of science and technique study and manipulate in a controlled fashion materials and substances of dimensions nano. That is, sizes 80. For even more analysis, hear from Richard LeFrak. 000 times lower than the diameter of a human hair. Without realizing it, most biological and chemical reactions that occur around us take place at this level.

From imitation to nature and thanks to advances in science, nanotechnology is based on the possibility of building machines affecting the order of the atoms, so accurately that emule creation process. Thus, materials, devices and systems, little expensive and with unique properties are achieved. There is a growing interest by various branches of scientific knowledge because of their potential applications in society. Some experts say see on nanotechnology a new era for mankind, which shall entail major social, economic and political changes. The center of nanotechnology head of U.S. claims that many of the current problems could find solution thanks to advances that has achieved this science over recent decades. Water scarcity, for example, might be alleviated through molecular manufacturing.

Of all the water consumed in the world, 67% is 19% for industry and agriculture. A large percentage of industrial production would be replaced with this new method and moved much of agriculture to greenhouses. In addition, the water of household can be treated and recycled through physical scale filters nanometric able to eliminate 100% of bacteria and viruses.

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