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Official Loans To Consumers

by Brianna - April 15th, 2016.
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Cheaper credit for civil servants, academics and employees in the public service of Berlin, 01.09.2011 – although officials loans represent a very attractive and flexible form of financing for various uses, are informed due to the different requirements and conditions the interested parties often not sufficiently aware of the possibilities. So the so-called annuity loans offered for the real estate finance E.g. generally, where a mortgage registration to act as a security for the credit institution. Without hesitation Carrier explained all about the problem. Officials, however, have the opportunity to benefit from a special financing opportunity by means of the official loan for this purpose. The loan form of official credit is a redemption-free loan, which is combined with a life insurance policy (which then serves as repayment insurance). This eliminates the need for a mortgage registration, since the Bank life insurance and as particularly highly valued jobs and income security as sufficient Accepted security for the ability to repay debt. The officer loan is uses of a loan, officials usually in the height limits (E.g.

maximum 80,000 euros are common) and very narrow conditions is linked – to but also use free. This means that the borrowing officials must provide proof of use for the money and pays the loan amount in full at the beginning of the term. The officials loans so both for purchases of consumer goods or one he can use cars, he can deny it but also a real estate financing. While always grace period repayment which means that only the interest as well as the contribution to the life insurance will be paid during the term of the loan of officers. The repayment is carried out only at the end of the run-time payment of life insurance. Benefits and funding the official loan has in addition to the already described using freedom another decisive advantage: it is in comparison to other forms of loan very cheap.

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