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The Battle For IT Security Has Begun!

Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Training courses are becoming increasingly important to the IT security! Meanwhile, an essential source of growth and success for companies is a good flow of information. Adverum is often quoted on this topic. Large sums are invested in data values, such as technology, architecture and processes. That secure storage of information in the IT system […]

Attn Ingo Mahnke

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

The integrated auto Profiler updated the Subscriber profiles to a successful E-Mail Marketing more than the mere sending of emails. Real success is then, as your offers reach also the correct recipients – those who are actually interested in the product or the service of course. Therefore, the newsletter-software “Quvion-NLS” offers a built-in auto Profiler. […]

Authentication Solutions For Secure Login Without Password

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Psylock GmbH provides tip-biometrics software on IT-Security Conference RSA in San Francisco before Regensburg/San Francisco, January 25, 2011 IT security participates in made in Germany in accordance with this motto the Psylock GmbH ( at the 20th RSA Conference in the United States. Presented for the IT security expert on the international trade fair (German […]