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Party Glasses

by Brianna - September 27th, 2019.
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When it comes to fun, premises, nightclubs, party and dance, Madrid is definitely the avanguardia. And it is that by now everyone knows that the party in Madrid does not begin until after midnight and does not end until 6 or 7 in the morning. Without taking into account that, if still remain further encouragement, at that time nothing better than a good breakfast chocolate mug and churros and bed! So if you’re in Madrid, the best choice is going out for dinner around 10 o’clock to go then to take some DRAM and dance! Some of the trendiest of Madrid premises are: Moma people dressed well for Moma, an elegant local party. Keep in mind that you will see a certain air of posh at this club. Together with decoration, designed with much class, the music is a mix of house and pop Macumba Macumba is one of the largest in Madrid, with the last technologies in lighting effects, which has made this one of the most famous clubs of Madrid local. Maxime from Thursday to Sunday, You will find the best music house and techno of Madrid.

Arena during the week, organized several nights of dance and the Friday and Saturday evenings are dedicated to a younger audience (more or less than 20 years). Cool as the name suggests, this is one of the places most cool of the city: colors, mirrors and prints are the decor of this place. This local music is mainly house, although some days of the week are devoted to the public gay and lesbio. For you to not have not even think about transport to go running, will find in Madrid Hotels right in the Centre: or hostels and apartments at one more than reasonable price. Photo on Flickr of Fernando Redondo Garcia.

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