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by Brianna - March 14th, 2019.
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In logic, it can not refuse – because dogs helped the natives to catch walrus. And on that old suit? There were those who thrown out of the dead to be devoured by wild animals. By the way, the Maasai or as they are sometimes called Gypsies in Africa, there were still so until recently. But predators are fewer and more Maasai, all did not eat it! And really bad they hurt, the Maasai are not tasty … Lovers of birds feed in the winter forest will certainly be interesting to know that the first bird feeders Persians invented fire-worshipers.

They constructed an open turret, in that and put the dead to be devoured by hawks. But in some places in India and to this day, apparently more concerned about fish, and therefore discarded dead in the flowing water. However, with the elements of the relationship between religion still living and the dead is somewhat more complicated. For example, the nomadic tribes were often left his house, and if the deceased person was substantial, and the whole village at the disposal of the dead. Fear of its return as a ghost encouraged Some placate the dead: give him a property, bring food. In the desire to please is often put to death his wife, the servants of the deceased, that they may be useful to him in that light. On the other hand every effort to complicate return the dead: they are often swaddled, bound and placed in the burial place of the heavy stones.

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