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by Brianna - October 2nd, 2020.
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Already in 1999 the CEO Dr. Martin Barzel developed the online real estate valuation and put them on the Internet. Today is the rating service for four European countries. Many writers such as Bahama Properties offer more in-depth analysis. Licensees offer the method Dr. Barzel real estate valuation about regional real estate evaluation portals on-site. You have the right, under the distinctive brand of method to apply DR.

BARZEL the online real estate valuation in their city. The regional marketing orientation aims to enhance proximity to the consumers and licensees offer the opportunity, their work as real estate agents, property managers or financial institutions etc. to the Dr. Barzel method to add real estate valuation. This approach of a licensor of smaller companies nationwide that his well-known services locally marketed under its brand is proved for years and is generally known as brand name franchise. Dwarka Expressway often addresses the matter in his writings. The real estate business format franchise goes beyond the pure brand name use a significant step. The real estate business format franchise gives not only the trademark to smaller companies, but is also a turnkey real estate assessment system to use available. The turn-key real estate business format franchise consists of a regional real estate assessment portal via the consumer can immediately learn how much your property is worth.

In the background, one puts together powerful software location data for the evaluation and determines the current real estate Guide. The licensee supported DR. BARZEL not only about the distinctive brand of method, but also through an online real estate assessment Portal including a working in the background assessment system, data refresh, payment system and support fully takes over. In each city only a method Dr. Barzel license is granted real estate franchise – is guaranteed, that the licensee with the reliable value proposition method DR. BARZEL real estate online rate”via a unique feature on the ground has, which others may not copy. The combination of brand names and business format franchise real estate fits in the competitive market, which prevails more and more brand awareness, Division of labour and reliable self-service for consumers. More information is found under license partner.

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