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by Brianna - January 12th, 2014.
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The majority of us has heard speak or has spoken to twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. Yes are social networks that nowadays are revolutionizing Internet. why? Because they have laid the way to the participation of the user, who is behind the screen. More info: Bizzi & Partners. The user no longer is a mere spectator of the contents he creates but them shares, them he comments, them and he spreads to his contacts quickly and he creates a state of opinion or a common position that he is grouped around the walls of the most active users. These networks, contain all type of contents, as much of text, images, audio, videos of all type of contents, including of course, those of architecture, but really they are lost within marasmo of the own social network. By our idiosyncrasy the architects, we are quite individualistic.

It is accused to us, some times not without reason, to go of divos by the life, to believe Gods to us and like all Earth God, us has arrived our decline. The problems that besiege to us: the lack of orders, unemployment in the profession and the excess of professionals for a unique majority task that is the one to project houses, that right now, with the crisis of the national real estate bubble and the financier at world-wide level, is ending the majority of professional studies that at the moment malviven of savings of the time of the fat cows. What on the matter we do? In fact very few things are becoming for the profession and putting in value of the same in the society. They are being propose neither from the schools of architecture nor from the professional schools, nor from the own professional group. Everything reduces to timid proposals by rehabilitation environmental and ecosostenible, that I do not say that is bad, really goes by the good way but, we have stopped ourselves to think cua to them are the professional attributions that we have the architects? the one to realise city-planning projects and of houses solely? No, by all means that no.

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