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Proper Thoughts

by Brianna - January 5th, 2024.
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Proper thoughts inexist. The human being is instructed to think since that it is born in what must think, do not leave it exempts to think about what wants, thus causing suffering, therefore the life, does not possess formula. We suffer daily. Each suffering has its proportionality in the referencial of the facts, the events, and this, in compliance with the age, the species, the social level and intellectual of the agent who this interiorizando the suffering of the moment. Since the sprouting of thinking of the race human being, this comes instructing the human beings about what they must think, or, in what it wants that the human being thinks.

The suffering is a physiological factor of the race human being and, the biggest suffering of these, is not the loss of a wanted being, of corporeal property, but, yes, its awareness of its death. For assistance, try visiting lyft. Therefore, the death of a neighbor donates, of a relative, donates, of an esteem animal, donates, of a son, its parents. All these losses are bearable sufferings, for being emotivos extravasados at the moment of the occurrence. But, pain, suffering inigualvel, unconscious that it goes to the few mining the forces of this body, comes and it penetrates such which an incurable plague in its conscientious one, is the awareness of its proper death. It understands, I do not speak of that death that can come for accident, an illness, therefore of this, the human being is unconscious and it does not suffer, but yes, of its slow, physical, conscientious, visible death with passing of the years the mirrors showing it to them, youngest pointing it, the governments also, with priority atendimentos, that these are not necessary, but is more pencil sharpener of that its death this next one.

This conscientious death is shown to it in the mirrors of its room, in glasses of the show windows of the store in shoping Center, in its to walk, its physical activity following its shades pointing directly its deteriorizao route to the disappearance. Being this the reality of the beings livings creature. To be born, to grow, to age and to die? These ' ' verdades' ' they had been the ones that had placed in the human brain. Thus we think, thus we act, why we are some centuries repeating what the primrdios thoughts had thus spoken and still are only accepted as ' ' verdades' '! This the human being accepting, believing, having faith and acting as teachings of the Bible, the Alcoran, the Bhagavad Gita, among others, without questioning, adding a comma, a til in these secular teachings! Pods until questioning: This making a mistake! The knowledge will advance! I answer, yes, the warlike, medical knowledge, of the physics, biology, sociology, geography, history, the philosophy, at last, of the knowledge of natural sciences! the knowledge of the life? The knowledge of our way of life of our house, our planet land? They are these apprehended and followed? Are taken the serious ones? They are the main goals? Some when being reading these ranks can until laughing, but to laugh is a form not to think, of not wanting to think about the facts that are ahead of its life? It ignores not to want to suffer, but there that it suffers, it suffers!

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