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Property Legal

by Brianna - April 4th, 2017.
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In general can be subject to legal relationships both acts of men as property. The property directly or indirectly the subject of law, we are faced with real rights. The assets are the basis of social relations that governs the right. Of course this is not any good, but only those who are granted the right real nature (ownership, usufruct, etc), the other, acts of man, belong to the field creditual (lease option, withdrawal). The goods are the subject immediately in the real rights and mediate in the obligational. Directly, the goods are the subject of property rights (real and bonds) and indirectly from the personal, family and inheritance.

Clearly, the notion of good is less extensive than the right to “subject of law can also be a personal relationship, conduct or a service.” The terms good and things are even more differences: each of them has several meanings or meanings that have evolved over time. Despite this, she has used and is used interchangeably both. We also have various classifications of goods are classified as civil law, modern within which are the movable and immovable property, which hosts our Peruvian law. From the first time early, uses hunting and fishing for their subsistence needs. These are movable, then the sedentary man becomes important real estate. CHAPTER II PROPERTY HISTORICAL FRAMEWORK 2.1. EVOLUTION OF THE MOVABLE AND BUILDINGS in the primitive period of barbarism, nomadic man uses of hunting and fishing for their vital needs. These are movable, which serve to solve the problems of the group in primitive society.

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