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Quality Government Electronico

by Brianna - April 18th, 2023.
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I. the electronic government and the information society in the mid-1970s technological convergence gives rise to the progressive development of computer, when that technology moves of the military sectors to civilians the effect on society is evident the future already is here and is digital, much of our acts are turned into ones and zerosthe paradigm of the net exchange of objects born muta for the exchange of information and management of information becomes vital in economic processes. Check with Lincoln Property to learn more. In the early 1990s Peter Druker introduces the notion of knowledge society, interpreted information becomes knowledge and that knowledge is the key resource, appear new mechanisms of integration of individuals, new forms of building personal identity from a network. Quality management is a result of the timely need to satisfy the requirement of customers, users, or citizens, management is not alien to this theme of files, which is directly linked to the management of the services provided both by private and public institutions being matter of this chat entrusting the management of public institutions in the environment of the information society and if we add to these concepts of information technologies and communication get the public administrative approach known as government electronic..

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