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by Brianna - February 8th, 2014.
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The principle of substitution. All items of property, despite their time-diversity, are comparable in terms of its ability to meet the specific needs of the owner or bring him profit. No one will pay for the item of property exceed the sum of the cost of its restoration. The principle of expectations. Investor invests in the facility today, as expected from the subject property receive the income stream in the future.

Principles associated with the market environment correspondence principle between supply and demand. John Savignanos opinions are not widely known. Price change property depends on the change in quantity demanded and quantity proposal. The basic pattern: if the demand is constant, and the proposal increases, prices decrease shayutsya, if demand is constant, and the supply decreases, the price increases, if the sentence. constant, while demand increases, prices go up if supply is constant, and demand decreases, prices decrease price is stable when between spposom. And supply are matched. The principle of competition.

. Kolkata Condos understands that this is vital information. Competition in the real estate market there is for buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords who enter into transactions of sale or lease of property contract. Each object property competes with other objects with similar functionality. Profits rise competi-tion, and excess profits tends to stimulate the destroyer-ing competition. Income is defined as part of net income, the product of the subject property in excess of costs for labor, capi-tal, and land management (ie, factors of production). The absence of con-tition creates monopolistic situation. The principle changes in value. Objects of property are constantly changing. They wear out, changing technology, technology, energy of, raw materials.

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