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Reliable Roof

by Brianna - June 13th, 2016.
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The roof of the house at all times been associated with reliability, security. Not without reason when people talk about someone, "he has a roof over their heads, they want to emphasize its stable position in life. In addition, the roof without be an exaggeration to call the person at home. Historically, what determines the look of the roof of settlement, while pointing at something, when building was constructed. Therefore, choosing the material for roofs, should be focus not only on price-quality ratio, but also on fashion trends in housing construction.

Traditional corrugated slate, more recently, the former so popular, is gradually emerging from the circulation. The main claim to it – dark with time, becomes chronically moist shade. Yes, modern roofing materials on this indicator traditional slate loses. But it still remains one of the most persistent, simple and reliable in the packing materials. Alternative domestic undulating slate advocates Ondulin and one of its varieties – evroshifer. For a relatively modest price – excellent quality. However, experienced practitioners argue that the mounted evroshifer under the influence of solar heat "becomes a wave," stretched and leaking.

So the producers claimed the life – 30-50 years – is untrue. Ondulin combustible, can be damaged by large hail and other natural "surprises". Traditional natural roofing materials – tiles and natural slate, with all their aesthetic and practical advantages, can afford not for everyone. What are the analogues of these materials will be a good alternative? What is metal, soft, and cement-sand tiles? What are advantages of metal roofs and some trendy tendencies have appeared recently on the roofing market?

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