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by Brianna - November 8th, 2020.
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This they can find it warning in my pages and With them, when a person acquires a product, the commission that Amazon pays to me is of 4%. The PRICES ARE THE SAME THAT IN the PAGE OF AMAZON, my commission are discounted by Amazon of the final price of the product. It remembers that they win by vol. of sale, not by gain margins. b. Virtual stores. I have two stores: one Hut where selvage books on personal finances, and in Patio of the hut I have a virtual store of Blu-rays. Like the warnings, Amazon pays a commission to me of 4%.

These virtual stores have generated me about 290$ in gains of March to June of this year. The Hut of Antonio the Patio of the Blu-Rays Rents: I have an apartment in Venezuela that was where it thought to live; with the crisis of I had it to the 2002 to rent in March of the 2003 and has remained rented thence. It is the entrance of extra but constant money that I have, and the one that but time it has generated. The problem with this is that the inflation and the change of the dollar have caused that the gains are not many. But as always there am saying, at the end of the day adds its granite. For even more details, read what M Asthton Kouzbari says on the issue. Consultancy: my work as Engineer of Oil has made me gain experience in my field; many people who I have known throughout my race do questions to me by email on as she could help them with his projects; sometimes my ideas break blockade mental that only somebody outside a project can contribute; I have helped some to mount blogs on subjects that them they get passionate; to others I have helped to project a diet plan and exercises on the basis of my articles, some have requested me aid to complete a friendly project of degree, been thankful for etc.

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