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Roman Law

by Brianna - January 20th, 2017.
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In slave mode of production, real estate acquired significance, “especially in the field of agricultural and mining activities.” In feudal society, land ownership, land property. This is where you find the root the Napoleonic Code, a pioneer of all, give unusual importance to the buildings. Capitalist society ends up by finally recognizing the importance of the movable, produced the exchange of goods and services (mainly furniture) these turn out to be decisive. In addition, money, stocks and bonds, securities, are movable. And the corporation, the figure par excellence of the legal person, today is represented by values. In socialist society, the private estate away the means of production and trade in particular, and recognizes the ownership of fixed assets and consumption, irrespective of the consideration to be movable or immovable, it seeks to satisfy the needs most basic of man.

2.2. 2.2.1 SCHOOLS. Roman Law The origin of movable and immovable property was known only in the late period of Roman law, especially with Justinian, that is, becomes clear in the post-classic period, where practice and recognized at the time of the XII tables. For the Romans only applied to tangible: it was a subdivision 2.2.2. Right medieval medieval law and, above all, the feudal, which attributed primary importance to real estate. The former French and Spanish rights, among others, so they did. In the old French customary law, land is the essential element of heritage and, even, of wealth.

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