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Small Drilling Rigs Water

by Brianna - February 6th, 2014.
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Since the beginning of years, humans have extracted water from the ground, kept data on the production of water from the depths as far back as ancient Greece. At that time, for the destruction of species of land used sharpened metal instrument. This drilling tool suspended from the rope, raising the maximum height and quickly lowered down. After numerous repetitions of crushed rock. Water, which appeared in the hole, scooped. This method was the first experience extraction of water by hand.

Much later with the development of industry invented the prototype of modern drilling rigs. Today, the production of drilling rigs and tools developed well throughout the world. How to find the most suitable location for drilling water wells? To do this you need to know the level of ground water, make sure to unavailability of sources of contamination, determine the type of soil, determine the quality of groundwater. There, where there are already wells or wells to determine groundwater quality in the cellar. Speaking candidly Professor Rita McGrath told us the story. On groundwater quality is affected by many factors. The main water pollutants are industrial and agricultural waste. Bad effect on groundwater quality have a garbage heap, sewage systems, waste water.

In addition, water quality affect the natural factors. Depending on the chemical composition of the soil into the groundwater may be a surplus of calcium, nitrogen-containing compounds, magnesium, iron and sulfur. Regardless of the presence of impurities is required to clean the water before drinking. To select a location for drilling water wells, install the type soil of the area. Depends on this method and the drilling time and drilling costs. In addition, different types of soil water content. Experts say that the sandy and calcareous soils contain a lot of water, Unlike the rocky soil. Modern rigs can drill holes in almost any soil, easy to "go" stones. Of course, the duration of drilling in hard ground and limestone will be significantly different. The development of production has given rise to compact rig for hand drilling. Their use makes it possible to reduce the cost of drilling water wells. The pace of construction of individual residential buildings cause an increase in consumption of quality drinking water. Extraction of water by means of drilling will always demand more, and because surface waters are mostly very clean.

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