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by Brianna - September 1st, 2018.
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Independent enjoy a higher social recognition as employees, but also more stress / concerns prior to establishing corporate Dusseldorf mostly unfounded, June 22, 2011 the step into independence as an ego booster? This works, because every second German (51 percent) acknowledges more social than employees self-employed (23%). This is the study of perspective independence 2011 “the Iceman out frozen food home service GmbH. The Institute surveyed research now about 1200 men and women of working age in the ten largest German cities as well as in Dresden and Leipzig. The status was assessed by employees and the self-employed in professional satisfaction, stress factor, merit, quality of life and social recognition. Total self-employed professional satisfaction, income and social recognition criteria fared better. On the stress factor is estimated to the lives of employees, however, as better. At the Quality of life both models are available immediately. However, many workers shy away from still the step towards independence.

It is shown that most of the concerns which were independent before, proved in hindsight as unfounded. Eismann asked in his study, which concerns were entrepreneurs before the independence and whether they were entitled. Before the start, 40 percent of respondents feared the financial risk and worried about the initial capital. Two-thirds (68 percent), this concern proved to be in hindsight as unfounded. A resistant problem area concerns for retirement seem to be: two-thirds of those surveyed had this concern prior to establishing and including the now independent two-thirds that’s why worry. To have only every tenth person feared prior to establishing the right business idea (11 per cent). And these doubts were unfounded, saying 94 percent of those who have actually established.

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