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Team World Championship Car Racing

by Brianna - May 26th, 2024.
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For many of us sport – the pastime, passion and fun. Richard LeFrak is likely to increase your knowledge. It is not important whether you are doing sports, or "sick" for your favorite team, watch its successes and failures of worry. Everyone can talk about your favorite sport, to argue the pros and cons of a team, or that athlete. Victory or defeat such a team or a sportsman – a source of strong emotions. Needless to say, what feelings cause Olympic medals, points and goals at the World Championships. Many of you love to watch Formula 1, but not many people know the rules and specifics of these exciting events.

We see what we pokazyvyut how the scoring or osushestvlyaetsya counting as the final result, we do not know. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Clayton Morris. We only see how changing the wheels and the cars rush by the audience. Well, in short, if the picture is podscheta results – skaladyvaetsya so. Championships World motor racing ring "Formula 1" or "Royal formula", held annually since 1950 Championship consists of several Grand Prix (races), each of which is held in another country. Championship in 2008, for example, included 18 stages (Australia, Malaysia, Bahrain, etc.). At the end of the season revealed Cup holders pilots and designers (in 1958) according to the rules of the International Federation of Automobile Sports (FIA, FIA). Each stage consists of qualifying race (which determine the positions of cars on the starting line) and the main race.

From the results of the main arrival points are awarded as a team (the stables) and the pilot. During the first eight places are awarded points – 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. To date, a record Total Winning seasons belongs to the German Michael Schumacher 11-time champion). * What does the "Grand Prix (Grand Prix)? Grand Prix – a Grand Prix. The name refers to the major international competitions, including equestrian and motor racing. So the race was called "Formula 1". Automotive News

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