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by Brianna - November 7th, 2013.
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And so for three years at the corporation appeared many millions of partners. AND Imagine that each of them have vacancies. What will happen. Most people are under the influence of hypnotic look at the exterior of the already successful people, their attractive theories and arguments and hoping to finally become a successful in the short term (and this is our country!) easily parted with their hard-earned moolah. And already becoming a partner, a person becomes totally different environment radically different from that in which he had a job.

On lectures and discussions reassures people that they do not need major work to cast her, gave himself wholly Intway and belief in the ‘bright future’. Partners are trained how to work with the tools to trade on the stock exchange and sell Real estate is also payable. By exchange, among other things, they are also not allowed to freely – it needs to buy a bond or simply somewhere for $ 400 or gold bond for approximately $ 1,500. Well, there is motivation ‘seat next’ people who need a job? This is what is most interesting on. John Savignano is open to suggestions. Work in this corporation is very similar to role-playing game, RPG (role play game – gamers I understand). If you’re attracted 20 people, you get the next level, another 100 – another level, 1000 – levelap other, well, 10,000 – then you are ranked as some of the saints.

In reality, however, to bring 5 people per month, you pretty sweat and give it their all. And from the senior level partners, you will always hear ‘Not enough’. Understandably enough, it’s you and in their bag will be ‘penny’ lozhit. Just give all the time to search, you will not have time to attending lectures, which are strictly punished by fines and even promise to ‘excommunicate’ – in office will not let a couple of months. As well as trips to other cities, to communicate with the ‘not yet enlightened’ and ‘already enlightened’, for which you want to shell out too. Just at the expense of partners paid office rent and other expenses. In eventually begin to smekat partners that the firm apart from those already earned money (which most of the time are virtual and only displays the number on your member page), pulls all the more real, instead of is an ordinary online store, which nobody needs, the common site, and broken dreams and expectations. Then the people are divided into several groups: 1. who had gone at once, without paying anything. 2. which are believed to have paid, disillusioned and left. 3. which are believed to have paid, disappointed, just left, so at the expense of jobs to try to work out a newbie lost. 4. and those who still firmly believe in the infallibility of the system. As is clear, often just get in Intway draw money, and why it is so successful. And no one can prove the illegal actions of the corporation and to punish her. The only and easiest method to punish her – do not work there. But now the choice is yours .

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