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The Family

by Brianna - December 28th, 2012.
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Fortunate that one that the Mr. fears and walks in its ways. Therefore you will eat of the work of your hands; happy you will be, it will go and you well. Your woman will be as the fruitful grapevine to the sides of your house; your children as plants of Oliveira to the wheel of your table, (Salmos 128:1 – 3) In accordance with salmo registered above, is possible to understand that the composition of the members of a family is: Father, Mother and son (s). It is natural that these members underneath live of the same ceiling or house, and citizens to the government of the father of the mother.

We also know that the family feeling exists stops with that we possess consanguineous bows, as: Grandmothers, Uncles and Cousins, to these we call relatives. 1.1.2 The Family in the Present time Some factors had happened throughout the years that had provided some changes in the family. I number it of children who a couple plans to have is not more the same. Its composition also suffered alterations, the family in the present time more is not seen as in the last century. The economic turbulences and occured partners in the last few decades have reed-echo on the life of the family. The familiar standards have gotten excited, then in result of a series of interconexos factors, such as: movement of industrialization and urbanization; the increase of the cultural diversity; a bigger distanciamento between rich and poor; the aging of the society; the movement of equality and justice for the masculine and feminine women, homosexuals, or black people.

It was transferred then, to opt for lesser families. … With all these modifications, the idealized model of years 1950, of a white family, classroom measured unbroken, commanded for a father supplier and well-taken care of for a mother house owner, this disappearing.

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