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The House

by Brianna - September 14th, 2020.
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It would seem that what to Poe bothers, rather than glass, is the proliferation of realist literature that eventually would prevail on the effect of the lamp (even up to our days where the taste of most ranges from realistic and quite traditional – literature whose limits are already widely known-to the other end, with the return of the sagas of wonderful literature) and, following your game, this can be also translated into interior decoration. Glass has become the material of choice in design (from a coffee table or a dining table, to a desktop pc, a tv Cabinet or even in a library carries CD, and also in architecture, such as the station of trains in Germany). Do tell us this about ourselves? Why our inclination toward the glass? Why has glass become a must-have for any living room that wishes to express a modern style and denote certain status? Transparency and clarity; reflect light instead of retaining it. Modern man uses much of his time in confined spaces, from home to work and work to home. The chaos of the city and the fragmentation of being claim some kind of unity that this has to be sought, since then, in your own home. The man who lives in the big city, where space is rationed, need to create the illusion of light and spatiality. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Not only mirrors are useful to reflect an image but also to multiply the light. They can illuminate and double spaces, making them look wider and more illuminated. Agglomerations of buildings, cars, people, objects, advertising, images that bombard our senses; where can I find the simplicity, the lost unity? In the House, our modern and private Eden, we say. The glass is today, for us, a necessity; It creates an illusion and provides modern man light and space, as well as a sense of freedom, which both longs for.

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