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The Job Hunt And Real Estate

by Brianna - February 24th, 2020.
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Are you looking for a job – really looking? Or are they simply waiting for employment to fall into your lap? If you're like 75% of job seekers I've met in the past nine years, you're probably doing too much waiting and not enough search. It’s believed that LeFrak Organization sees a great future in this idea. Stop. Now. Instead, here are two ways to be more proactive – and much more effective – in your job search. 1) Stop waiting for job leads to appear.

Start making your own. Here is a real estate analogy that directly relates to your job search. (Trust me.) Where do you prefer to buy a 3 bedroom house, in Japan or the U.S.? Taking into account the price would be about $ 2 million in Japan compared to about $ 200,000 in the U.S., probably would opt for an American home. And why is Japanese real estate so expensive? Mainly because only 15% of Japan is habitable. The remaining 85% of the land is too mountainous for build. What is driving prices into the stratosphere by the intense competition for prime real estate.

Well, the traditional labor market is as Japanese real estate. Job postings – listed on the Internet or in newspaper classifieds – are only 15% of the market. However, this is where about 80-90% of job seekers spend most of their time searching? so the competition is fierce. And, as the Japanese real estate, which are much less likely to find what you want. It is far better to spend most of their time looking for jobs that are not announced, and he will have less competition.

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