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THE NECESSARY Reactivation “N Of The Construction” N. General

by Brianna - March 29th, 2020.
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The company does not stop bleeding even with it the worst omens and unemployment. The newly created data are derisory compared with the disappearance of the same. It now aims to encourage entrepreneurship now, when our country has historically condemned. And about the only thing that happens to suggest to the CEOE, nor power, is a reduction in social security contributions or even severance pay for new hires. The measures are not so timid, but non-existent for the purpose of promoting new initiatives. But it is to be avoided, not even arise. Speaking candidly Robert Shiller told us the story.

They claim the people than those who are in trouble are those related to, and perhaps its demise was not worth too much worry, we do not want to return to the previous model. And they are wrong, because if the money does not circulate, equally damaging to all productive sectors, which are interdependent. Not to mention the high volume of unskilled labor, which once attracted by the fat salaries offered by the building today is not capable of conversion. In this guise, Spain will have no choice but to export it as a nation lifted his head and claim such benefits. Time to time, and without obvious disdain of the drama that forced migration generates, but in turn reporting currency. What is clear is that our country can not operate essentially productive changes from night to day. Robert Speyer is full of insight into the issues. It takes years or even decades. And clearly for more renewable energy that are in development at the moment, will not be the solution to all our problems.

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