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by Brianna - January 31st, 2014.
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In such a way, it is more easy to understand that already we are walking, but we will need to much more still walk. that we do not need to open hand of no experience of our lives to continue the walked one, because they fortify and mark our action. It will be necessary then that let us perfect our behavior, evaluating and reevaluating, in all the chances that we will have our behavior, using for significantly good parameter, behaviors. It is the hour where we can choose for the matureness, the ways that in them will lead our liberating day. In practical, we need then to day-by-day print in our attitudes and ours the signals of this walked ours.

But, if this is alone, is the doubt: because so it is complicated? After all, what it hinders in them to be expressivamente better? Where measure we can undertake our change? Without having the pretension to bring no lesson or magical formula, I only come thinking that the most consistent reply for these and many questions it keeps a direct relation with the biggest possibility that we will have of, in every day of our life, wakening in us the best feelings that we will have and generously shares them with all the ones that if to surround of us in all the places, all the situations and all the chances. It is clearly that it is not enough that let us take this decision so that from the immediate moment it everything is decided and directed. Still we will live many situations where in it will lack the patience to them and will be taken by intolerncia. We will lose many chances to be generous and considerate and will leave of side possibility of placing in them more compassionate. But if to the end of each one of these situations, to light a light of alert for our weakness, it will be the signal of that we are (reverse speed) starting the way for our improvement. That is, nothing it will be easy, but all the persistence and devotion that we will be able to use will be of great importance for our conquest. then, I believe, will be our effort and our perseverance that will mark walked ours, making of only it because it will identify in them from the overcomings and of the difficulties. More still, we will have our victory on we ourselves, showing new possibilities to us of convivncia, acceptance, union and conviviality. We go there

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