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Touraine World

by Brianna - February 6th, 2014.
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Alain Touraine (a desire for history) studied the emergence of values and as driven by the action of communities and set two possibilities to study change: historicist and evolutionist. We could continue elencando theories, classifications, and variants, but we simply noted the multiplicity of perspectives that are directed on the man. Rather than enumerate theories I prefer to refer to the need for a philosophical reflection on the man, without distinctions between philosophy and worldview. In any case it is necessary have an overview about the man and the world in which it operates. So, the criticisms that we have warned about the industrial age, with its alienating sets, and for which served studying Marx, lead us to sketch the globalization as a counterpart of the hombre-masa. The strictly human purposes disappeared in an industrial society prone to foster an impersonal existence.

That is the man that we’re inheriting, the same that faces the new perspective and which, we believe, it should be noted the urgent need to shape a will. Peter Sloterdijk (spheres) has drawn a picture of thinking that allows the man to be in the world as a space opening to the unlimited. This is the cardinal principle that I do in my considerations. We have a man dominated by apathy and conformism with the consequential crushing of the democratic idea. What Sloterdijk is looking for is a new analysis of the social dynamism (which includes all its facets) and redefine what is real. This, is, globalization is meaningless if there is as a theoretical object which involves rebuilding the reason of the sphere. We must therefore analyse confrontation between finished modernity and globalization taken and under way in a space key, which means that in this new world culture leaves a unilateral act mode. We are going towards a world dense and so it should be define density as the possibility of an agent to find another envelope which act.

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