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Transport Infrastructure and Real Estate

by Brianna - June 25th, 2017.
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The third tier – the Leningrad area (roughly corresponds to the average). Other directions – significantly below the average value from 140 to 100 rubles per one hundred square meters. High rates of "Western" areas largely depend on the historical popularity of these areas. A favorable wind rose, the absence of harmful plants, pine woods, is not tainted Dumping of urban rivers and the general development infrastructure make this area really attractive. Status of land situated in the west suburbs, is fixed and realtors. So "starodachnoe" past and present merge them together, creating popularity of these places with a fair amount of unhealthy excitement. Extremely uneven, until recently, the development of suburban areas has become one of the reasons for the huge price spread on the plots. In recent years, developers and buyers began to notice not previously popular destinations.

Most often of interest to some places there is in process of development of transport infrastructure. For example, the reconstruction of the Kiev highway greatly increased interest in the proposals in this direction. Promote the growth of suburban housing prices and great transformation taking place at the Yaroslavl highway. Consequently, the availability of infrastructure and Communications – one of the most important criteria that explain the value of the land. It is worth noting that the prestige of the directions due to the social situation of people living there. Today, people tend to cost-of-town housing among equals status, financial status, occupation – in other words, in a comfortable social setting.

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