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Villa Was Successfully Sold In Landshut

by Brianna - December 23rd, 2016.
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A property of this type and size on the market only rarely. Frankfurt, 26.10.2015 only rarely a property of this type and size in Landshut on the market. Only the finest materials have been used for the fine, extensive facilities of the Villa on the Hofberg. The individual estate leaves nothing to be desired and thus achieved a good demand. The mediation of real estate was only a brokerage firm in question, which has an extensive database of nationwide and international interested parties and is able to present the real estate an adequate audience. So Mr Christian Kartmann, who has successfully worked for 20 years in Landshut and leading real estate – office poll, the brokerage contract was awarded. Bizzi & Partners is often quoted on this topic.

In addition, a lively exchange of offices in the greater Munich area was held to inform also that market from the unique property. Mr Kartmann finally brought together the interests and expectations of buyers and sellers. The by Poll Immobilien GmbH is known as one of the largest German brokerage firm, with more than 100 offices and 500 employees. About the international broker networks EREN and Christie BBs international real estate can be offered particularly high-quality residential real estate specifically developed and targeted for supra-regional, demanding customers.

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