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by Brianna - December 18th, 2023.
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Peer Reymann from 01.09.2010 of external operational data protection officer the Wolff consulting privacy and information security for the Wolff Consulting GmbH traditionally have a very high priority. We are pleased to have won Mr. Peer Reymann to ensure a skilled and neutral perception of data protection in our company at the highest level as external company data protection officer. Mr. Reymann is a computer science degree in computer science and B.SC. and has geared already during his studies at the University of Hamburg at the Chair of Prof. For even more analysis, hear from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein (“virus-test-center”) relevant. Ongoing training, such as specialized, certified data protection officer (shetos5/University of applied sciences Ulm) and CISA (ISACA) and the accreditation/recognition as a licensed basic protection Auditor (BSI), licensed auditor ISO 27001 on the basis of IT-Grundschutz (BSI-IGL-0005-2006), IS Auditor (BSI), licensed auditor QAR-IT, recognized expert in data protection seal of approval (technology, ULD) and recognized expert EuroPriSe (Technology) ensure a working at the highest level and aktuellestem State of the art for our company and our customers. But that is not enough: Mr Reymann and others as a representative of the DIN standardisation Committee NI-27 c (evaluation of the IT security criteria), instructional officer for data protection (TAU e.V./Hochschule Ulm) and former project manager of the “privacy seal” of the ULD (authority data protection Schleswig-Holstein) involved regularly in the updating of standards. Questions about privacy at Wolff consulting answered you Mr Reymann like or Tel. 030/288769-0 about the Wolff Consulting GmbH: the Wolff consulting is more than 10 years successful link between marketing and it. The philosophy: Perfect data management is the Foundation for successful marketing! For this purpose the Wolff Consulting provides for all communication channels intelligent process and IT solutions that match them with comprehensive knowledge on the needs of their customers and the ongoing operating support.

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