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A Typical Sports Injury: The Sprain

by Brianna - April 6th, 2024.
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Sports injuries – so health is today! Injuries occur relatively frequently in the sport. Especially a sprain of a joint can happen quickly. This is done by the hinges or the capsule of the joint by a parent movement, usually bend or twist, are damaged. With an ankle sprain, the umgebenden joint ligaments, tendons or muscles be dragged or overstretched. This is indeed painful, especially when movement and usually it comes to a bruise and swelling of the joint, but the joint remains stable and resilient. Most commonly, the ankle by an ankle sprain is affected, the sprain can affect also other joints such as the knee or the wrists. To determine whether the infringement is only slightly, or whether any tapes or bone are damaged, the doctor can perform an X-ray or a CT.

Depending on the severity of the injury a sprain usually within 12 weeks from heal again, without leaving any permanent impairment. For the healing to promoting the affected joint quietly set and be cooled as quickly as possible to prevent that a severe swelling caused by a hematoma. Also, the pain be relieved by the cold, because the damaged tissue is less heavily irrigated. After the cooling, the joint should be stabilized by a compression bandage. Also a swelling can be avoided also in this way by uniformly give print out on the joint will be. To prevent a hematoma, should the affected limb high are stored, so less blood to the injury flows.

To is easier to remember this first aid if you apply these as so-called bad luck rule. P ause, is C ompression, H ochlagern. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Morris Invest. Cooling gel and decongestant and analgesic ointments can be used to support the cure. Depending on of the healing process you can start slowly after two to four weeks with stress of the injured joint. In support of the joint can a bandage during training or a The joint support Association. Prevent can be an ankle sprain with a suitable warm-up to loosen the muscles and ligaments before the sport, appropriate spot shoes providing firm support and the correct assessment of the own capacity.

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