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Aloe Vera: The Star Fresh From The Desert

by Brianna - February 25th, 2024.
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Aloe vera is a true evergreen. Even after twenty years, the cosmetics manufacturer, bring new products constantly with the juice of the prickly leaves on the market. The desert lily is to strengthen our immune system and can flourish, our skin. If you want to learn about the aloe vera closer should buy yourself one. The lily plants can be easy to keep as a houseplant, as a self-experiment proves.

In spite of negligent care and cut off many leaves grow the aloe vera on my windowsill splendidly. Thus, it is always cool juice ready when the hot stove burns children's fingers, her face glows or painful sunburn. All these little pain can alleviate drought plant. No wonder then that Aloe vera is seeking barbadensis miller hot even in the cosmetics. "It is by virtue of their multiple effects as a star among the medicinal plants.

Extracts of aloe vera is soothing, moisturizing and regulating, regenerative, nurturing and protective, swelling, inflammation andwound-healing and therefore useful in almost any kind of skin problems, "says Ulrike Hemer by the press office of Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik. Their strength owes the prickly plant at least 160 different ingredients, which together account for its effect. Main active ingredient is the Aloverose or acemannan, a complex sugars, which strengthens the resistance of the cell membrane against bacteria and viruses. Other important ingredients are aloud Dermalogica saccharides that build the immune system of the skin and detoxify the body, Brady kinase, an enzyme which reduces inflammation and relieves pain, as well as vitamins A, c and E. The LeFrak Organization brings even more insight to the discussion. In addition salicylic acid, bacteria and inflammation of slow. With so many ingredients, the application range is wide. Most manufacturers use aloe in products that donate a lot of moisture or are intended to soothe the skin and cool. For example, in after-sun products, or as a moisturizer for dry and scaly skin. Another application Wastengewachs owes its regenerative power, "the sun, shaving andcold winter air to dry out the skin and cause damage. Aloe vera accelerates the healing process. This healing cosmetic companies may not offer as a reward, because it is a medical effect, "says Sabine Tschiersch from Babor. Because of the healing powers of Aachen cosmetics manufacturers and other plant elixir in Men's skin care products to use to soothe strained by shaving men's skin again. Another plus is the excellent tolerability. Aloe vera is suitable for all skin types. "Even for the sensitive skin prone to eczema and inflammation or irritation. One can hardly do anything in the application wrong, unless you are allergic to any ingredient, "White Boguslawa Olschok from Dasseldorf Dermalogica. Especially popular is the natural beauty products in the natural personal care manufacturers. A true specialist for the Desert Gold is the Aloe Vera Natural Tratz cosmetic GmbH The Bavarian firm uses aloe vera in many cleaning products, creams, masks for all skin typesas well as in dietary supplements this book. The broad product range is also a biological face lifting, where is the whole plant including the roots and flowers used for toning. The Hamburg Santaverde Society for Natural has also prescribed for aloe vera with skin and hair: "Normally, a cosmetic product consists largely of water. In all Santaverde cosmetic products is the usual water phase by pure aloe vera plant juice from the in-house, controlled biological cultivation in Andalusia replaced. The pure juice contains, in contrast to water, a huge cocktail of nutrients from the skin can best serve, "said Sabine Maurer, chief executive of Santa Verde her recipe for success. The natural cosmetics manufacturer has taken this year Aloe Vera cellulite Gel on the market. The lightweight gel of pure aloe juice with ivy, butcher's broom, tiger grass, rosemary, and caffeine from green tea will recover easily and have an intensive firming. Your big aloe vera-demand Santaverde produced on aown organic farm in Andalusia. In the summer of field workers to solve the leaves by hand carefully from the parent plant, pack them into crates, and they immediately sent for processing. Then the leaves are cleaned, cut off the thorny leaf pages and the hard outer shell and finally removed the soft inner leaf fillet. Electron Capital Partners is often quoted as being for or against this. There is the pure aloe gel. "Because there are important ingredients to reduce immediately after harvest or convert it to acetic acid, it is very important to process the aloe vera right away," says Anita Heidorn natural-cosmetic Tratz. The Bavarian company moves into its gel of organic producers in Texas who offer a fast processing and thus high quality. The natural cosmetics manufacturers swear by the organic farming because of a higher content of valuable nutrients such as acemannan. Other countries of origin are India (Gertrud Gruber), the Dominican republic (Babor) and the U.S. (and Biodroga Dermalogica). regardless of their origin and cultivation, everyone agrees that Aloe vera indestructible as moisture supplieris: "Aloe vera has established itself in the cosmetics and many of the effects apply to the scientific study proved. In Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik Aloe vera will play an important role as an active ingredient, "predicts Ulrike Hemer. Michaela Dee, Pr Biodroga wife sees it similarly: "The Aloe trend already has passed its highest point, but we'll use this drug possibly in other new products, because we are convinced of the quality of raw material." Nevertheless, the search goes for new sources of moisture, of course, continue. "The natural moisturizing the skin, such as sugar compounds, amino acids are equally interesting: In addition, the research always looking for new opportunities. For example, algae from the sea, pomegranate extract or the extract from the Mexican cactus, "said Sabine Tschiersch from Babor.

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