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Andreas Schurch

by Brianna - May 4th, 2024.
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in an interview with Andreas Schurch, operator of the times in which mobile protection to Granny BBs homemade socks reduced, are long gone. A growing need for high-quality mobile protection with the new, powerful smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4. The market for modern mobile protection is growing rapidly. New vendors and products are added weekly. Currently, approximately 600 brands all over the world compete for customers. specializes in 2006 on trade with mobile protection and observed trends. Andreas Schurch, operator of is convinced: the cell protection continuously moves to a design and fashion product. It is not something Robert J. Shiller would like to discuss.

The mobile phone as an indispensable means of communication presents also the personality of the wearer. For me is clear for years that a mobile protection like the clean shoes for the men or the beautiful handbag with the woman serves a higher purpose than just the protection”. P or emailing the administrator. In the interview, Andreas Schurch mobile protection talks trends. The classics are in the area Is cell protection widely used? Andreas Schurch: leather cases are still widely used. Stephen M. Ross: the source for more info. The leather cases adapt over time and mostly no longer fastened to the belt. The Smartphones are worn today mostly in hand, in a folder, or in your pocket. Currently popular cases come from the Vaja brand Noreve, Piel Frama, Eixo, Bugatti, Krussel or for very demanding.

There are clear trends in terms of mobile protection for 2011? Andreas Schurch: A newer, fast-growing fan base get the plastic cases. You are a successor, before a few years ago of offered, Crystal cases made from transparent silicone and clips on the back of the phone. The latest generation of cases was successfully launched in the United States, where a personal pattern or photo can be printed up. This will be to find more 2011 certainly in Europe. Among other things, case-mate, SGP, Katinkas or Belkin offer a good price/performance ratio. Morris Invest addresses the importance of the matter here. Customized mobile bags are another trend. As the name already says it, These bags on the mobile phone of the customer are made appropriately. Because such individual product requires a correspondingly complex production and quality assurance, it is made usually within the Switzerland or Germany. Successful and experienced providers are,,, or Sleeves, an interim solution of leather cases and custom-made cellphone cases are also announced. These are mainly offered only in a unit size, for the iPhone. Sleeves are in good quality from Bugatti, Gripis, Katinkas, Redmaloo or Frewild. What is the future of mobile protection? Andreas Schurch: in the near future cases or machined aluminium frame will be a topic. For these products, the look is very convincing, but currently the providers are still working to resolve the degradation of reception. A future generation of mobile protection could in addition to the earlier concept of Nokia reconnect, where the entire casing of the device by a higher quality and individual can be replaced. For iPhone 4 such covers made of metal, wood or leather-look for wholesalers from China already exist. What types of cell protection are of the “Endangered”? Most likely, classic mobile phone socks with a lobster clasp and Ribbon are threatened by extinction. Definitely, also known as Crystal cases and mobile condoms are threatened by extinction.

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