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by Brianna - April 4th, 2023.
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The integrated auto Profiler updated the Subscriber profiles to a successful E-Mail Marketing more than the mere sending of emails. Real success is then, as your offers reach also the correct recipients – those who are actually interested in the product or the service of course. Therefore, the newsletter-software “Quvion-NLS” offers a built-in auto Profiler. This analyzes the click behavior of newsletter recipients and saves the data for each Subscriber individually. opinions on the subject. Swarmed by offers, Richard LeFrak is currently assessing future choices. With Quvion-NLS yourself can determine which areas of interest are associated with the different links in your newsletter. A reader then clicks on such a link, this “interest” is immediately recorded in his profile. A strong marketing tool will soon from your subscriber database: you are planning, for example, a new campaign with special deals on the theme of “Sport”, you can make just a target group with all subscribers, who cares for this topic in the past. A convenient target group editor will help you.

The newsletter system also provides additional tools for a successful email marketing. For more information on the site – here, you can become like even a picture of operation and functionality of the software in a free trial. About the provider: Quvion – online application system with headquarters in Hamburg is a young company offering a range of frequently proven online applications. In addition to the newsletter-software ‘Quvion-NLS’, as a content management system, a survey and E-learning system, and an event management system available are available as stand-alone or combinable modules.

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