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by Brianna - February 16th, 2024.
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Do not forget to check bulletin boards at universities or businesses, nor forget the classified advertising sections of newspapers. All served, although it will offer more variety are the classified ads sites, with an offer that is constantly renewed. Zoo stereotypes The time has come. As a private detective begin to make calls, talk to one another, and with much excitement and hope you begin to see rooms to rent. Welcome to the zoo of stereotypes. The first date. Hit the door and opens an international student.

They share the apartment with four others. Two boys and two girls. Some postgraduate study, the others being Erasmus. There is a fifty percent chance of parties, joint, cleaning from time to time, and maybe meet a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or at least enrollment with a visitor from another country. The second date takes you to a paternal floor. Another type of immigration.

They live eight or nine people. Each works in eight or twelve hours a day, surely you touched a room overlooking a courtyard. Moisture in some walls. Here live some newcomers to the city, and one or two families. They are nice people, hardworking, and the price of the room is very reasonable. In the third quote, I opens the door to a very posh that you may have a Siamese cat hanging around there. We must emphasize that the house is sparkling, and doubts whether that person has been cleaned or has hired someone to do it for her (you should see the shirts or pants to see if they have been ironing). This time the room is bright and is furnished, but you must take care that furniture as if they were your own, or better still, as if they were works of art worth millions of euros. Everything looks perfect, until the cat’s litter box is shiny. Although precious the price of this room you rent is somewhat expensive.

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