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by Brianna - February 6th, 2022.
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No, of course, bankers are sympathetic people, and are willing to compromise. Provided, however, that the first "compromise" to organize ourselves. In total, it is necessary for the banker's peace – that the room was perfect a security interest is clear. As little banker asks … To, to give credit to the room, his bail should move the whole apartment.

Repeat for the inattentive: ALL. Anyone with rudimentary intelligence ask: how is this possible if it is communal, and apartment lot of different owners? The answer: According to a banker – there is nothing easier. It is necessary, just something that the entire apartment before the mortgage was framed for you. Agree, a breeze. Go to neighbors and ask reissued someone else's house in your favor. Shine. Well, in a way, or … What? You will not go to the neighbors with such a request? Yes, yes, hear – you are afraid that the neighbors will cause a psychiatric hospital.

Logical. You would place the neighbors would have done just as well. And the bankers? Judging by requirements that push the banks … their enlightened financial brains that thought did not attend. The entire apartment – and a room credit. Breeze. That this "issue price". Just something that needed a banker-dandelion. Probably we are living, we in different dimensions, and somewhere out there in the banking reality all the neighbors happy to re-write each other their krvnoye meters and warrants. Well, something that we do in our reality? We in fact need a loan to a room. And not even a room – housing. Amiss would shabby "odnushka" But where to take it for a reasonable price. Thanks to the efforts of those same bankers and builders … While the apartment is not in your possession, the banker will not be able to give a room credit. And you can not to convince neighbors to give you an apartment. Impasse? Deadlock. So why do most banks offer mortgages rooms? Here on this issue is just easy to answer. Advertising. Credit for the room you still will not give, but also raised questions about credit the apartment. Perhaps strelnet. After all, the banker does not matter how you sleep you are burdened with much larger amount of debts for the apartment mortgage. Important to him – how he would sleep. And this is true. From the perspective of a banker. From the standpoint of legislator. And yet what a funny term: legislators … ps In fact, not all so sad. Credit for the room is still available. Without these bankers-Soviet encumbrances. The market is doing its job. There are a couple of banks and agencies have which is not very thick advertising budgets and are losing the battle for "delicious" borrower. These banks are forced to reduce their demands, and take the risk that if your financial difficulties with the sale room will have to tinker. There are quite a unique organization for what they are low and sincere greeting. Banks that do not work by themselves, but in close tandem with real estate agencies. Banks, for which the mortgage for a room in order of things. Alas, these bankers in our country, not much. Perhaps, in the same proportion as the honest MPs. But, believe me – they are there.

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