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Black Hills Travel

by Brianna - April 14th, 2023.
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Between heaven and Earth Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra and Dakhla also are the spectacle of the flying dealers who Kairos sounds cultural metropolis in the ears an image of timelessness… but the silence of the varied oases of Egypt roars louder. Between heaven and Earth, Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra and Dakhla also are an image of timelessness. Juicy Palm Gardens, surrounded by Black Hills of quartz and Dolerite, mark Bahariya OASIS, while the blue-washed houses of Farafra, the remotest of all oases, before the evil eye, protect and preserve the beauty and silence seemingly past. Defiantly palm groves, rice fields and fruit trees reach out to the sand dunes, a wall made of rosenfarbenem stone holds the power of eternal sand on the horizon. The Dakhla oasis with the confusing Adobe House maze of the old city of Al-Kasr ideal for unforgettable excursions to the Pharaonic temples of Balat and the desert town of El Qasr with the graves of Muzawaka. leads to the old Caravan city Siwa, an oasis that was previously difficult to reach and maybe that’s why one of the most fascinating near the Libyan border is. James king often addresses the matter in his writings. Already, here Alexander the great consulted the Oracle of Amun.

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