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by Brianna - June 5th, 2020.
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The concept of "ventilated facades" familiar to professionals, but hardly known among the simple inhabitants. However, it is reasonable: they have appeared in the building facades is not so long ago. That is why the use of the term until that seems a bit unusual in the market for construction services. And the rest – not interested, they will not say: "Here were first used facade systems, and on the street was made the first installation of ventilated facades". Creating fronts – work, performed for a long time.

But specifically ventilated facades have come from someone else's architectural tradition. It is known that in some countries (for example, in Germany and Finland) have already accumulated sufficient experience in their use of both public and industrial buildings, as well as the restoration of homes quarterly construction. Trust to work with ventilated facades, better professionals. And not just any company that can offer similar services, but those people who are experienced in this environment at all. Need considerable experience with similar architectural and building products made of natural stone and minerals. Natural stones – it is primarily granite and marble. You may well know that there is a granite.

However, it is possible to explain the unintended visitors who plan to buy granite – it consists of a magma rock, consisting of a wide range of minerals. Among these minerals is to provide primarily of feldspar and quartz. Title granite comes from the Italian granito word or the Latin granum – corn. Not surprising, since such grain will see even the most carefree person. Separate attention should be marble. The fact that this is very interesting mineral. While chemists and describe it as a normal salt calcium carbonate, kinds of marble is not so little. In principle, calcium carbonate and are chalk and lime, and coquina, but they are not in demand by people who really appreciate the charm and want pleasure from looking at the shiny surface of marble. And if you're one of those people who need some mineral, I recommend simply type in the Rambler, for example: 'marble' – there are enough suitable sites.

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