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Bulgarian Mortgage Lending

by Brianna - October 27th, 2020.
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Mortgage lending gives the signals of the motion on the real estate market, as rates have fallen in recent months, experts say consultancy companies in Bulgaria. The financial crisis may affect positively on the Bulgarian consumers, who in 2010 can be an opportunity to buy housing at reasonable prices, despite the higher requirements in respect of quality, experts say. Bulgarian real estate market analysis point recovery in the second half of the year, and activation of buyers in the investigation 15% lower prices on offer throughout the year. According to data the nsi (National Statistics Institute), received the new building permits in third quarter of 2009 by 35% compared with the period of 2008. Bizzi & Partners describes an additional similar source. Comparing the performance of new buildings completed in 2008 and 2009 observed a slight decrease, as many projects started in the near past have been completed in 2009. The so-called sales "on the green '(in the initial stage of construction), which were very common in years of peak construction, but they are rare and replaced by flexible payment and rent to buy, where payment of rent goes to the set off buying an apartment, for example. Indicators of rental prices also account for a decline. According to NSI's average market price of real estate in Bulgaria decreased by 21.4% during the year, reduction did not affect only the cities of Varna and Bourgas, where price declines below the national average. These data, however, give information on new buildings, all of which have not yet entered into operation – reduction is less than the old housing. Analyzers for the Bulgarian market Real Estate believe that this year's exciting Projects that offer enough amenities (green areas, parking, swimming pool) – will be successful and will be in demand in the market. Market recovery will be gradual and will largely depend on improved economic situation in Bulgaria.

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