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by Brianna - June 29th, 2017.
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Who not is has there been any time an idea for a business? In a dinner with friends or lying on the sofa, many times, like lightning, an idea illuminates us, we lifted our site and, vanishes as quickly as it arrived,. Perhaps because it seems absurd to us, or because we do not know how to take it or simply because it would be too expensive to carry out. So finally we leave it, we continue watching TV or change the conversation to the taunts of other diners. However, to do a little search online, we would give us account the amount of business that are apparently based on stupid ideas. How can someone win millions selling goggles diving for dogs or collecting money by sending mails becoming pass by Santa Claus and that boys and girls of the world do not lose faith in the endearing chubbly? Well, oddly enough, there are those who have succeeded. We have put two of business ideas, but we could put more of all kinds.

From the canonical up the more irreverent, like those already mentioned. All have a place if there is desire to carry them out. Of course, will tell someone, why not you speak of all those ideas that have not worked, of all those businesses which have to close? Agree, we could make it, and the first thing we would say is that they tried. Those entrepreneurs and those entrepreneurs who took a step to the front and decided to bet on your idea, although in the end it is not as they thought, tried, put all his effort and anyone can remove them the experience and enjoyed time doing what they wanted. We are not saying that we throw to the pool by any idea that passes through the head, whatever it takes. But many times, businesses that would not be economically very onerous to carry out fall into oblivion by apathy, simply for fear or because another will already do so. Measure risks, make sure that the idea is worth, but never to reject it the first opportunity because they think it will not work, because that probably is make mistake.

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