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Choosing a Container

by Brianna - September 5th, 2012.
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Damn popular type of scam has recently become the year of production tank containers 10, 20 and 40 feet containers and increased capacity Hight Qube. By reklaeme offered a very cheap block of containers with fresh dates release. However, as we know, nowadays there are no miracles. Cost of containers rather trivial and is due to two factors – the technical condition and the release date. If the technical condition of the container to improve difficult enough without tangible cash injections, technical capacity and the correct personnel, then change the date of the container can be done quite easily – just put a new leybu panel container. For unscrupulous people is very tempting. And on the container market is born a new firm, which does not even own office, but with a tempting offer to buy the container in 2004 at a price of 1999. Even the pictures on your site hang out, the container of the same in 1999, but with the signature of 2004.

Cost of course container in this case will koordinalno below market prices. And while for a specialist to bite a sell fairly simple for the average customer, this big task. In order to avoid being scammed, there are at least two ways: 1. Best of all container bought from companies rabotyuschy long time on the market. The first opinion just to get to the site.

What can say about the company, whose site one mobile phone number and some pictures? It is clear that this "oldest and largest of Moscow" firms simply do not have office. Such "companies" can easily give a guarantee on containers for a year or more. But they are exactly the guarantee you will not do anything. Likely within a year the company has simply will not exist. 2. Bring a friend's party to check the container Hope This article will help you avoid fraud and helps solve a number of issues such as where to buy container and how to buy, choose, or order a container.

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