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by Brianna - October 8th, 2020.
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Causes of the desire to argue, defend against the imposition of patterns. I smiled to myself, give feedback, just displaying, showing him that he demonstrates to others. Takes some time, it becomes even more interesting for him. Then it explodes into dissonance and it starts smoothly, silently of course, lowered my professionalism. After all, if I were a professional, then would support his every word and all would be explained, as he is cool.

In this case, the mere absence of my support for his line of conduct is already causing antipathy. So to criticize a man with a complex samonepriyatiya useless. This will only hostility and aggression, and will not contribute to the objective improvement of his behavior, but rather the opposite. In the case against the background of the complex there samoneprinyatiya qualities of low self-esteem, negative evaluation also causes a sharp hostility, and positive – desire. Indeed, such a person characterized by constant uncertainty – Look around a lot of gray, gnarled, overdriven and frightened. Positive evaluation promotes self-acceptance of such a person satisfies his unrealized desire unconscious to escape from the complex samoneprinyatiya to achieve psychological comfort. It is perceived as the location, comprehension, will be evidence of psychological safety.

The negative assessment is at odds with this desire and serves as a signal of aggression and danger. Natural sharply negative reaction to it. So, if a person suffers from a complex samonepriyatiya, the influence on his behavior in the desired direction is possible only by time made positive comments that will encourage him in the right direction.

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